Thalia Unveils Tracks from Her Upcoming Mexican Music EP at Latin Music Week 2023


Global sensation Thalia graced the stage at the exclusive “Premiere Party” during Billboard Latin Music Week 2023, where she offered a sneak peek into her forthcoming EP of Mexican music, marking a significant return to her roots.

The Mexican superstar, known for her chart-topping hits and timeless appeal, delighted the audience by debuting four tracks from her new EP. Among these was the lead single, “Bebé, Perdón,” which made its debut at midnight, alongside “Te Va a Doler,” “Para Qué Celarme,” and “Choro,” all set to be part of her upcoming album titled “A Mucha Honra.”

Thalia, who has been diligently working on this project for nearly two years, announced that her album is slated for an early 2024 release under the Sony Music Latin label. The EP, produced by the acclaimed Jimmy Humilde, will feature collaborations with Ángela Aguilar and Dania from Grupo Sin Límite.

Donning an elegant monochromatic white ensemble, complemented by striking blue boots and gleaming gloves, the Mexican icon conversed with Billboard Español’s Deputy Editor, Sigal Ratner-Arias, who served as the event’s moderator. Thalia shared insights into her creative process alongside Humilde, a driving force behind the resurgence of Mexican music on the global stage.

Humilde, initially trembling with excitement when he made his first call to Thalia, expressed his admiration for the artist. However, he discovered a calm and kindred spirit and their creative connection was immediate. Their collaboration was driven by Thalia’s desire to explore her Mexican heritage more profoundly.

Thalia expressed, “The requintos evoke something in the soul, something in the heart, something of longing, something of oblivion, of pain, of love, something distant but close. And then accompanied by the lyrics… I needed to sing this type of content in my songs. In this album, I have discovered a more heartbroken, spiteful, painful Thalia.”

Reflecting on the current state of Mexican music, which has gained global prominence, Thalia stated, “We have always been in fashion. Our music has always been current and at full strength; we have never stopped in all the musical genres that Mexican music encompasses, which is totally broad and beautiful. What is happening now is that the new generation, I feel, is embracing the sounds that move your insides: the requintos, the accordions, they are rediscovering (Mexican music) … I think they are making it their own.”

Humilde added, “That she is adapting and coming to support this genre is incredible. Imagine, having someone with so much name, power, and history entering the new genre that we have in our Mexican music is super cool.”

Thalia’s meticulous selection process for collaborators involved tracing the origins of regional Mexican music. She shared, “My father was a criminologist… I remember that I would sit at the table, and he would tell me: ‘Always ask, always analyze… you look for something that you need to know.’ And when this movement came out, criminologist Thalia Sodi came out, and I asked where this came from? Who was the precursor? Who was there from the beginning?… and I came to Mister Humilde.”

Thalia and Edgar Rodríguez, a producer and close collaborator, embarked on this creative journey to redefine her sound. Thalia emphasized her willingness to evolve, saying, “I want to sound like me, like Thalia, but not. Help me so I can let go of the crutches that I use, that I love, my styles… Tell me, I’m not going to get angry. I want to learn; I want to change and learn other things. And we did it.”

Thalia expressed her excitement about her latest single, “Bebé Perdón,” which is now available for fans. She revealed that the song, although not personally reflective of her current life, touches a nostalgic chord, evoking memories of a bygone era and a deep connection to her homeland.

On the visual front, the music video for “Bebé Perdón” was shot in California amidst sweltering 115-degree temperatures, which caused the soles of her boots to melt on the pavement. Thalia also remained vigilant for rattlesnakes inhabiting the area. The video features Thalia performing the song in an open field, adorned in a silver sequin top with fringes, accompanied by a trio of musicians and a truck.

Billboard Latin Music Week 2023, celebrated for over 30 years, boasts a lineup that includes a Superstar Q&A with Shakira, the Legends on Legends chat with Chencho Corleone and Vico C, Making the Hit Live! with Carin León and Pedro Capó, and panels featuring RBD’s Christian Chávez, Christopher von Uckermann, and Maite Perroni, as well as a Superstar Songwriter discussion with Edgar Barrera and Keityn, among many other engaging sessions, Q&As, and workshops.

Official partners of the 2023 Billboard Latin Music Week include AT&T, Cheetos, CN Bank, Delta Air Lines, Lexus, Netflix, Michelob ULTRA, and Smirnoff.

Latin Music Week coincides with the 2023 Billboard Latin Music Awards ceremony, set to broadcast live from the Watsco Center in Coral Gables, Fla., on Thursday (Oct. 5) and will air on Telemundo. It will also be simulcast on Universo, Peacock, the Telemundo App, and throughout Latin America and the Caribbean on Telemundo Internacional.


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