Streets of Life – Prachi


Streets of Light – Prachi



“Streets of life” is the little observations about how our life dwells around our choices. Its a bitter truth about how we look at things, how we look at choices either “black” or “white”. How we compromise and console ourself for not following certain intentions, just for the sake of happiness of the people we love. How we conceal ourselves in that shield of greater good and just keep on going with the circumstances. Hoping this small piece helps you and you make yourself a priority.


Streets of Life

Walking down, the streets of life,
The more and more, I realised;
Some things are beyond any explanations,
And some relations are beyond any captions.


We can’t hold on to everything
We have to let go of something;
That doesn’t mean we don’t mean it
There are some choices, we can’t keep it.

Promises, fade away with time
Nothing in this world is yours or mine;
How tomorrow will be, we don’t know
All we can do is just go with the flow.

At the end, we may regret something,
Buy atleast we tried, instead of doing nothing
You can’t always follow your heart,
You have to think of people, in whose lives
You are a big part.

– Prachi


Streets of Life – Prachi



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