Known Stranger – A Poetry By Prachi


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Known Stranger – A Poetry By Prachi

So here we are presenting you with a new love poem known as the known stranger.

The plot of this poem revolves around portraying the strength of true love and how it can heal the damage. It portrays how a person can change your life piece by piece. Starting from a depressive take, the poem progressions towards the better things that love has to offer.

Known Stranger

Poetry by Prachi?

I had my battles, you didn’t know of
Still comforted me, like you know everything
you made me smile when I least wanted to
for me, you would do anything.
When I was begging for my death
You came up with a whole new life
You gave my heart new blood, new breath
When I was standing with a knife.
You gave me the assurance that someone is behind,
You gave me the confidence, that someone is mine
Little did I know that I was your priority
And baby that’s how we ended up in serendipity.
When I was a total wreck,
You showed me all my best
When I was cold and dark,
You took me in your heart.
You gave me the pride that I am someone’s girl,
You gave me the bliss that I am someone,s world,
You gave me the security, on you I have all the rights,
You gave me the lust, to burn with you all night.

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