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Fit Babu Kashmir’s New Face of Hip-Hop

A young and emerging talent from Kashmir, Altaf Mohd Sood is also known as Fit Babu has raged a war against all his odds through his passion for music. A rapper, who underwent some unfortunate and terrible incidents in the past is now standing strong and is a hope for so many people out there. He will definitely bring new reforms for the hip hop scene in the Valley.

Fit Babu is a name that occurred to him naturally and so he decided it to be his artist name.

Coming from a not so good financial background, Fit babu persuaded his education till class 10 at a Government school for boys in Srinagar. He is the son of a laborer, the eldest in his family having three younger siblings. His economic conditions hampered his further education and at some point, the family used to struggle for a basic need such as food. He wanted a good education like most of the children but sadly he was deprived of that.

A traumatic experience left him shaken and became his main purpose for his art. In a horrific incident of a bomb blast at his native village Kupwara, Kashmir in 2005, Fit Babu lost his pregnant aunt and beloved brother (who was only 2 years old). Still, he never lost his faith in God and kept his will alive through prayers.

The tense situation in the valley has led to a very disturbing life for most of the people and Fit Babu is representing a larger mass through his songs. He also believes that a lot more people in the valley are not able to express their creative side because of a lack of resources, and people easily mistake them to not be so fluent in arts. But, exploration will help in acknowledging fresh talents.

He is heavily inspired by artists: Bohemia, Raftar, Tupac Shakur, and Eminem. His songs often reflect their style. When asked about his flair, he described it to be from personal experiences, his perception formed over his time in the valley, and also his hopes for a better future. Right now, he works as a driver and is also working hard to achieve his passion for rap.

EMIWAY Mera Bhai was his first hit and it had a very positive response. His second hit Akela hi Aaya Hoon which is a motivational song depicts his emotions and vulnerability.

His Latest Single Kashmir Se Hip Hop is a powerful song about the hardships faced by the people of Kashmir and the hip hop love they have. It describes his journey as a rapper and also the issues he tackled to reach this level. He also expresses his distress in how Kashmiri people are ignored when it comes to Hip Hop, The Music for Kashmir Se Hip Hop is released under the Independent Label The Virtuoso Music, who helps artist like Fit Babu to get explored by a mass of people.

He also cherishes the support he had over time from his family, friends, and loved ones. He is grateful for his audience who made this possible for him. He wishes to be an inspiration for other people around him and also provide them with better facilities to fulfill their dreams. The virtuoso team wishes him immense happiness and success and may he keep growing.

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